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Steel Homes

Steel homes are where customization takes precedence, all while keeping our #BuiltBisonStrong guarantee. We construct our new steel homes product line using self-framing steel insulated panels. The panels also serve as a structural component of the building.

Once installed the panels form floor, wall, and roof systems that provide exceptional air tightness and thermal properties. With the continued use of metal and spray foam insulation these units remain like all are others in how they are rot proof, mould proof, and rodent proof.


This building system offers pre-cut floor, wall, and roof panels that allow for quick and easy assembling of each home's building shell.

Our steel homes still feature our custom steel foundation as well, which is made from scratch inside our prefabrication shop.

Mission Island Community Centre Project


Our steel homes range from 320 to 960 square feet, and are no shorter than 13’ wide. Choose from single homes ranging from 13’ to 18’ wide, as well as several duplex and triplex models.

The steel insulated panels also can be easily connected, if the need to add on homes or extra rooms every becomes needed.

Mission Island Community Centre Project


Our roof systems allow for vaulted ceilings and are pre-painted on the inner and outer steel faces for a finished interior and exterior, eliminating the need for cladding.

They are an economical panel for all sorts of residential and commercial projects. For ease of installation, a 2” standing seam is mechanically folded to incorporate a hidden fastened clip.

Mission Island Community Centre Project
Bison Container Homes - Environmental

We are continuously improving our products and processes through new technologies for a net-zero energy goal.

Bison Container Homes - Transportation

Our homes can be transported to anywhere in Canada — you just have to tell us where.

Bison Container Homes - Mould Proof

Each home is constructed with air-tight spray foam insulation and high-efficiency ventilation.

Bison Container Homes - On Time & On Budget

Our guarantee is being on time and on budget for every home we build.

Bison Container Homes - Innovations

Simplified living is the future, which is why we are using alternative materials with our new-aged mechanical systems.

Bison Container Homes - Year-Round

Through pre-fabrication and on-site building, our container homes are built and assembled during all four seasons.

Bison Modular Homes - Service Area Map

Our Service Area

Bison Modular Homes specializes in the sales and installation of container homes in all of Canada. Based just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, we offer durable, transportable, and sustainable accommodations for your residential, commercial, and recreational needs.

Bison Modular Homes
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