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Introducing Bison Container Homes

By BMH Team on Wednesday, May 6
Introducing Bison Container Homes

We care deeply about the quality of living for Indigenous and northern communities. This is why we're introducing Bison Container Homes (BCH), an affiliate of Cobra Structures.

Shipping Container Homes

BCH's mission is to bring Indigenous and Northern communities sustainable and aesthetic homes with fresh designs - making living more socially and culturally practical. We will provide clients with durable, easily expandable, and environmentally friendly modular homes.

BCH comes at a time where there are distinct housing needs for Northern and First Nation communities. Too long have homes in these areas been lacking functionality, made of poor quality (prone to rot and/or mold), and been difficult to transport.

BCH Operations

BCH is utilizing Cobra Structures' existing assets and operations, as well as investing in new equipment, training, and infrastructure. Through these new developments, BCH will supply northern communities and their surrounding areas with employment opportunities and economic growth.

BCH currently has an evolving product line with innovative designs. Our shipping containers are able to fulfill whatever type of living space is required.

BCH Sustainability

By utilizing recycled shipping containers in our construction process, BCH will provide cost-effective, durable, easily expandable, and environmentally friendly homes.

Sustaining our environment is just as important as creating sustainable homes, which is why we are continuously improving our products and processes through new technologies like the Green Energy Cube to embrace change, creativity, and innovation


BCH's vision is to become a carbon-neutral company and the preferred home builder of choice for all northern communities. At BCH, we:

  • operate in a changing environment, pursuing any ideas that can improve our construction processes.
  • aim to satisfy market needs and honour commitments long after projects are completed.
  • respect people as individuals and work with our clients to cultivate environments that breed fairness, honesty, and trust.
  • recognize we can do more together than alone and strive to create relationships in pursuit of shared goals.
Bison Modular Homes
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