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Container Homes

Shipping containers are built for extended period of harsh environments, all while transporting heavy loads. The same goes for our container homes, which are our durable, transportable, and sustainable option for your residential, commercial, and recreational needs. Each container must pass an air test before we begin prefabrication, and receives full spray foam insulation.

We can modify, connect, and stack our container homes to any desired size, but most begin with an 8’ x 40’ building block. We deliver our container homes on road, rail, or boat.


We use a fully welded 8” structural steel channel with the foundation welded to the container shell. Our steel modular skids are economical, easy to install, and require no concrete.

If requested, we can also pour a concrete slab as a sturdy and durable foundation, or use helical screw piles which are a great option in soft soil conditions.

Mission Island Community Centre Project


A normal shipping container is 8’ x 40’, but we also offer 8’ x 20’ units and 8’ x 53’ units. And if you and your family require extra space, we’re able to cut a side open and connect multiple prefabricated containers.

Stacking is also an option for fourplex or multi-story buildings and accommodation facilities.

Mission Island Community Centre Project


Sea can containers are designed to travel all around the world — so delivery at an economical rate is always an option. This also includes winter roads, and the option of transporting our ready-to-move units on rail or boat.

Using shipping containers allows us to both build and deliver our homes, 12 months a year.

Mission Island Community Centre Project
Bison Container Homes - Year-Round

Through pre-fabrication and on-site building, our container homes are built and assembled during all four seasons.

Bison Container Homes - Road to Rail

Our homes can be transported to anywhere in Canada – you just have to tell us where.

Bison Container Homes - Steel Foundation

Each shipping container begins with a firm steel foundation, ensuring stability and preventing mould, rot, and fire.

Bison Container Homes - Cost Efficient

Upcycling and buying local products in bulk means you’re getting a high-quality product for an affordable price.

Bison Container Homes - Environmental

We are continuously improving our products and processes through new technologies for a net-zero energy goal.

Bison Container Homes - On Time & On Budget

Off-site factory construction allows for no weather delays and a controlled material supply to meet your demands.

Bison Modular Homes - Service Area Map

Our Service Area

Bison Modular Homes specializes in the sales and installation of container homes in all of Canada. Based just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba, we offer durable, transportable, and sustainable accommodations for your residential, commercial, and recreational needs.

Bison Modular Homes
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