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Built Bison Strong

Building our homes with the highest quality materials and designs isn’t something we just say, it's something we do day in day out. It's what makes our homes the premier solution for northern and Indigenous communities throughout Canada, and we want to show you exactly what we mean.

Join Alex and Curtis as they take you on a tour of our production shop to show you how we build our homes #BisonStrong.

Alex is our production manager. He oversees all prefabrication work — right from the point we perform initial air quality tests on each shipping container to the final onsite connections. Curtis is the general manager for Cobra Mechanical, our organization’s mechanical division. His team completes all the rough-in work in all our homes and installs the built-in mechanical rooms that come with our units.

Make sure to follow us on social media (@BisonModularHomes) for more behind-the-scenes looks at our prefabrication!

#BuiltBisonStrong – Full Video

Check out the full video tour of our production shop, which includes all of the above videos to give the complete picture on how our homes are #BuiltBisonStrong.

The Bison Building Process

Click on the images below to see the specific building stages our production shop takes!

Production Shop
Steel Foundation
Framing Work
Spray Foam Insulation
Mechanical Fixtures
Interior Finish
Custom Millwork
Exterior Finish
Home Delivery
Bison Modular Homes
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