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How long do the container homes last?

Shipping containers are built for extended period of harsh environments, all while transporting heavy loads. The same goes for our container homes, which are professionally constructed with COR-TEN steel and superior building materials. Factor all this in and longevity and durability are key advantages of living in a container home.

What is transportation like?

Simply put, we deliver to you. After all, shipping containers are meant to travel all around the world on a daily basis. Once we complete our building process, we securely load the containers and deliver them on road, rail, or even boat to any location — you just have to tell us where!

Are the container homes safe?

Absolutely. Before we even purchase any containers, we hire a quality-control company to air test each container. Safety is our priority; each container is equipped with a fire suppression system and is constructed with steel materials to eliminate the risks of fire, mould, and deterioration.

Where do the shipping containers come from?

We recycle each container from a trusted local supplier and inspect each one prior to purchase. From there we deliver our container homes to all over the world — wherever you may be.

What are the regular dimensions of the container homes?

We can modify, connect, and stack our container homes to any desired size, but most begin with an 8' x 40' building block. When all is said and done, you'll have an equally cozy and spacious modern home.

Can I expand or relocate my sea can containers at a later date?

Yes and yes. Expansion options include stacking containers, or building add-ons in the surrounding areas of container homes. For relocation, all that needs to be done is an easy process of disconnecting the container home's power and septic tank, and we'll be on our way!

Where can the container be delivered to?

Well... anywhere! We can deliver our container homes on road, rail, or boat. Sea can containers are designed to travel all around the world meaning delivery at an economical rate is always an option.

I can get a container for little money, why do these homes cost so much?

Sure you could purchase a container as a building block, but we are building fully-finished homes where a shipping container is just a piece of the puzzle. Each container home involves a building process that obliges to local building codes while prioritizing safety and comfort. Once our experts finish their work, it's no longer a container, it's your home.

Are there any dents or imperfections in the containers?

We are selective in the containers we use. Because we are upcycling, each container may have a bit of character but our fabrication shop gives each one fresh, shiny coats of paint.

What kind of foundation do our container homes have?

We have three options for foundation, each with their own benefits. A (1)steel modular skid is economical and easy to install, (2)pouring a concrete slab is sturdy and durable, and (3)helical screw piles are a great option in soft soil conditions

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